Editing Services

       Let the reader find he cannot afford to omit any line of your writing because you have omitted every word that he can spare. - Ralph Waldo Emerson


My name is Stephany and I love words, stories, and helping others. These ingredients combine to make me an editor.

Services Offered:


o   Basic editing, best done as your final run-through. I will check for typographical errors, misspelled words, basic grammatical problems, inconsistency in form, and inappropriate end-of-line word breaks

o   I will also contract with any graphic designers who prefer not to do the proofreading themselves.


o   Making sure the material is logical and understandable, correcting continuity issues, flagging inaccuracies, correcting inconsistencies in point of view, and tense, and any basic grammatical errors

o  Checking for redundancies, sentence clarity, and word choice

o  Checking for consistency of style and mood or presentation of content

 Content Editing/Beta Reading flat rate based on word count

o   I will check for readability, inconsistencies, and flow of information; identifying any problems in pacing, plot, dialogue, point of view, character development, setting, lack of conflict/tension, and too much (or too little) description.


Stephany has been an editor with Quill & Flame Publishing House. Her attention to detail, cheerful disposition, and keen editing eye have been a huge asset to the company.  

- AJ Skelly of Q&F Publishing

I first worked with Stephany as an ARC reader and was so impressed with her feedback I approached her to beta read my next novel. I could not have been more pleased with the results! She was positive and encouraging while her keen eye and sense of story helped me improve the book and made it truly ready for publication. Can't wait to work with her again."

- Daniel Dydek, author of the Spirit Wind Series

"Stephany was a pleasure to work with. Wielding her knowledge of grammar and punctuation, she tackled my manuscript and wrangled my incorrect dashes and random spaces into a polished, English teacher approved work. I highly recommend her for all of your proofreading needs."

- Abigail O'Bryan, author of Iron Rose

Stephany did a wonderful job referencing and explaining her editing suggestions. Everything was easy to understand and work through.

- V. Romas Burton, author of Sanctified (Book 3 of The Legacy Chapters) 

I found Stephany to be a thorough editor, careful to look up the nit-picky things so necessary for historical fiction. She was so easy to communicate with. Stephany Araujo is competent and professional in what she does. I am very pleased with her work on my manuscript."

- Lynne B. Tagawa, author of The Root of the Matter, The American Puritans, Book One.

Stephany helped to clean my manuscript in the best of ways.  She took my writing and helped to bring out what was hidden beneath. I know my story is even better thanks to her edits. 

- Anna Augustine, author of On Thin Ice 

Over the last decade Stephany has been an incredible asset to my company, and I look forward to her continued contributions to our publishing projects for many years to come. She is, without a doubt, one of the most skilled and reliable editors I have worked with in my three decades in the print publication industry. Her work ethic is superb, and her editing skills are second to none.

- Tom Tullis, Fat Dragon Games